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Arable Farming

Covering a large area of Herefordshire countryside, our farm grows a mix of cereal & pulse crops.

Operating a fleet of modern equipment, our goal is to use efficient and sustainable farming practices to achieve excellent yields and protect our beautiful piece of the Herefordshire countryside, for all to enjoy.


Arable Crops

Spreading out over 600 acres of Herefordshire countryside, we grow a variety of crops each year. Typically this rotation includes a mixture of Winter & Spring crops of Wheat, Oats, Oil-seed Rape, and Beans.

Arable Equipment

To maintain optimum output efficiency we operate a fleet of modern farm equipment. This includes several New Holland 260HP T7 tractors and a modern New Holland CR8.90 Combine Harvester. All are equipped with modern tools to enable us to work with precision. ​ Behind our tractors you fill find a range of modern farm equipment too, such as: Amazone Sprayer Horsch Drill Amazone Fertilizer Spreader Modern AW-Ultima High-Capacity Trailers

All of our equipment is kept at a high level of maintenance, to adhere to rules and regulations. This includes industry standard sprayer tests, and Tilly-Pass trailer certificates. This ensures all of our equipment is ready, able, and safe. 


We are also members of NROSO and ACCS, which are industry standards.

Precision Farming

Screenshot 2023-05-31 142437.png

The term precision farming means a series of strategies and tools that allow farmers to optimize and increase soil quality and productivity putting in place a series of targeted key interventions, a result that can be accomplished thanks to the introduction of increasingly advanced technologies. ​ It is referred to as “precision” because thanks to the state-of-the-art tools we use, it is possible to respond to the specific demands of individual crops and individual areas of land with superior levels of precision. ​ Technologies are used, first and foremost, to collect the data and information required to make decisions on how to boost production and secondly to put in place the necessary corrective actions to achieve this goal. For example, our farm regularly receives Nutrient Mapping. This provides us with GPS sampling, analysis and mapping that presents detailed soil nutrient information. We are then able to make informed management decisions and control the use of fertilizers, phosphates and potash to avoid wastage. ​ We operate a modern fleet of tractors which utilize Precision GPS technology, allowing for work to be completed with high accuracy, and increasing our efficiency.


Recycling Farmyard manures

Farmyard manure (FYM) is used on the fields and also chicken litter.  For some this may prove to be a rather pungent smell, but it soon passes! 


The major advantage is that it can be applied to the standing crop in early Spring, when the crop needs it and when it can readily absorb the nitrogen that is available from it. 


Another major benefit of using FYM and chicken litter is that it greatly reduces our reliance on oil-based fertilizers, and adds Organic Matter back to the soil, which is very important.


Silos & Graindrying

We provide storage of animal feed in our 4 silos on the farm.  This is complemented by our own Weighbridge

on-site. We dry all our own grain with our Master dryer.

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