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Cider making is a thriving industry in Herefordshire with numerous craft cider producers dotted around the county.


There’s over 15,000 acres of orchards in the county, producing half of the UK’s cider. The springtime explosion of blossom is a glorious spectacle, whilst the sights and smells of the autumn harvest are unforgettable.

Starting in 2009, we planted our first Orchard. Today our orchards cover over 70 acres, with Cider Apples being produced for Westons Cider.


Cider Fruit Production

Cider trees require specialist equipment to maintain and harvest. Throughout the year there are many jobs that must be undertaken to ensure the trees are kept healthy, and they produce a good crop.

Starting Post-Harvest, typically December - February, we manually prune the trees to remove broken branches, disease or unhealthy limbs, and generally reduce the number of older branches. This last point is important, as it is the young branches that produce the most fruit. Once pruned, the orchards are cleared of branches.

From March - August the Orchards are maintained by regular Spraying and Mowing. 

Spraying is important to combat the pressures of disease on the trees and fruit (such as Scab). Working closely with our agronomist, an average year typically sees apples being sprayed every 10 or so days in Spring - as the mix of warm & wet weather is ideal for diseases such as scab to breakout.

We usually aim to avoid mowing where possible until late Spring. This allows Dandy Lions to bloom for early bees' and beneficial insects to propagate amongst the trees. It's a great time to make use of our footpaths, which take you through our orchards.

Late September is when we begin harvesting our early apple varieties (Gilly, Hastings, and Vicky), and our main harvest of Michelin & Dabinett varieties follow shortly after and normally run through to the end of October. During this time we can harvest up to 1000 tons of Cider Fruit, which we deliver to Westons; where it will be turned into delicious cider!

Cider Apple Gallery

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